viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Dino footprint in cobblestone

Dino footprint in cobblestone.

Hello, I try to do a small tutorial showing a couple of techniques.

It's just a small portion of coblestone street.

For this purpose, we can use a piece of high density foam.  

In this foam, and using a simple pencil we draw some lines ...

 The space between lines depend of the scale.

 Then, we draw the vertical lines to made te cobblestone. 

 This is, more o less, the result. 

 Next, and using the pencil, we draw the footprint.

 Using something blunt, not sharp, we press inside the footprint.

Pressing with our fingers is also a good idea. 

 Our Godzila footprint's. 

 Now, we put a few drops of black colour with alcohol.

More alcohol than colour. Aprox. 1 drop color 100 drops alcohol.

Cover all surface with this mixture. 

 Cover with 6 or 7 layers... just stop when you like the aspect. 

 With a red color, also very diluted in alcohol, paint some cobblestone in

a group of 3 or 4.

 Repeat but with brown color without diluted.

Before the paint dries, mix de colours with a brush,

always in the same direction. 

 Lets dry de paint. 

Again, we paint some cobblestone, this time with green colour. 

Using dry brush, paint in black the contour and inside of the footprint.

Put just a drop of glue between some cobblestones, and glue

some pieces of grass. 

A small plank is also crushed.... 

And... that's all. 

Hope you like it, and found useful. 

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