domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Ohio Public Service Interurban ( From OcCre's MZA - Costa ) Part I

Convert the MZA - Costa  coach from OcCre in a Ohio Interurban.

Built by Niles in 1903 as Toledo Port Clinton & Lakeside, it became Northwestern Ohio Railway & Power in 1912.and became Ohio Public Service Co. in 1924,

It was was preserved by Eastern Ohio Chapter, National Railway Historical Society 1939 and was acquired by ORM in 1945

Originally these cars were for trains that carried out routes on the Catalan coast, initially started to be known as "Car of the Coast" to finish in the final name "Costa". The Harland and St. Denis were their predecessors. The first, from the VVB (Valls-Vilanova-Barcelona) were the first car bogies of Europe.
This kind of cars were in service until 1971, when wooden cars disappeared Renfe.