miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

Hastings 1919

Thousands of people flocked to the seafront near the Queens Hotel to catch a glimpse of the German machine. 

Eventually, it became so popular that the town clerk started charging people a small fee to be allowed on board.

The proceeds went towards the Mayor's Fund for the welcome home of the troops which was planned later that year.

But residents soon grew sick of children pelting the boat with rocks and making a racket throughout the night and the order was eventually given to break her up.

Parts of U-118 were then snatched and dispersed all over Hastings.

The town itself was presented with the submarine's gun but it was buried in the shingle by wave action.
The boat was built in the Vulcan shipyard in Hamburg and was launched on February 23 1918.

Under the command of Herbert Strohwasser, U-118 managed to sink two ships while on its one and only patrol before it was surrendered on February 23, 1919 - exactly one year after it was launched.

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