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Ohio Public Service Interurban ( From OcCre's MZA - Costa ) Part II

Well, finally I get my model of car MZA OcCre Coast.
First of all, I have to comment that surprised me the weight of the box.
To be a coach, I found one more dead weight of a locomotive.
Well .... we see ....

After a search on the web, I found this supplier in the States, maybe is more affordable than to buy in the OcCre website, don't know. I have no idea of prices for the freight of a package of these characteristics from Spain to States 

About contents of kit.
As usual in OcCre kits, we see a couple of boxes of methacrylate with small metal parts, screws and all parts that are not wood.

I have found interesting at first glance, the bag with wheels.
The wheels are solid metal, covered with a patina of black color. They come with a small shaft included. Which gives us an idea of how it should be installed in the bogie.

Details of the tab. In most kits, scale 1:32 (gauge one) the flanges are usually very successful in their thickness. In this case, maybe they are a little larger than it should be in a ratio strictest scale.

After testing with different rail track profiles, I have come to the conclusion that these flanges are designed to run on a G track scale.
Whatever ... If we see that the result can be dramatically affected to the global ensemble, we can reduce these flanges just a little bit.

The remaining contents of the kit, is in good condition. Different types of wood just to give me an idea about the installation of this amendment .... I think I'm going to build an undecorated and unpaited version. 
On the other hand, I will study the possibility of changing some pieces of wood at the bottom (Chassis and bogies) for some parts in aluminum and brass.

For this project I will use these drawings that  I found on the web. These drawings are the work of A.E. Barker (12/05/62)
I have found these designs very clear and very interesting.

I made an enlargement X4

Another decisition... Peckham Trucks ? 
As you can see in the pictures at the first post, some cars are equiped with other kind of trucks. 

The oval window corresponding to the window of the toilet.

To be continued

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