viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

Modelleisenbahn Hamburg e.V.

The Museum of Hamburg was founded in 1908 as the Museum of Hamburg History. Presents the evolution of the multifaceted city of Hamburg from its origins up to the present day and is one of the largest urban history museums in Europe.

Inside the Museum of Hamburg, we find the "Modelleisenbahn Hamburg e. V." which shows the model railway scale 1 larger in Hamburg. 

The quality and size of the layout are outstanding.

Close up details

The port. Ships, cranes, docks, access ... every detail beautifully rendered.

Same stations you can see through the windows,  when you ride with S-Bahn railways system

Beautiful locomotives in gauge one (1:32)

We can also see various models in other scales, displayed in showcases. With the technical explanations thereof.

For more imformation... : 

Modelleisenbahn Hamburg e.V.

Museum of  History of Hamburg

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